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What are the benefits of a professionally written resume and/or cover letter?

Having a professionally written resume and cover letter gives you the best possible chance at being noticed during the job application process.

Through ATS analysis, we provide you with a tailored and targeted resume/cover letter for the job you are applying to and the key terms needed to catch recruiters’ attention. 

You hire a professional to get the best results. If you would hire a plumber to fix your plumbing issues, hire Resume Revival to tackle your resume needs.

Why should I trust Resume Revival?

Resume Revival has a diverse team of talented professionals who know what it takes to get hired.

Pairing this professionalism with excellence in writing, you can ensure that a Resume Revival resume and/or cover letter will give you the best possible chance at landing the job you want.

What does ATS mean?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, a software that screens applicants and recommends the most qualified candidates.

It conducts a preliminary analysis of the applicants to find the best fits for a job.

By understanding ATS, our resume experts can create a tailored resume for you to ensure the best chance at standing out from other applicants. 

Why should I optimize my online presence?

Having a fully optimized online presence through social media will allow you to paint a clear picture of the individual you are and why a company should hire you. 

Your online presence is your digital business card and personal brand, so it should reflect who you are.

Recruiters always check your online presence when hiring new employees. 

Does Resume Revival work with newcomers to Canada?


Newcomers to Canada often face significant barriers when entering the workforce. Resume Revival helps newcomers in transforming their resume into one better suited for the Canadian job market.

This includes translation services, Canadian resume formatting, and resume best practices for those trying to enter the workforce.

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