Revival Method

Your resume is your foot in the door, it should stand out from the rest. Give your resume the revival it needs.

Our unique 4 part Revival Method gets results. Here’s how:



Each job is different, and so is each job seeker. We differentiate each resume based on your background and what the employer is expecting out of their applicants.


Writing Excellence

We are composed of professional writers who use the right wording to ensure each resume we create gets the attention of all hiring managers.


Evidence-Based Solutions

Like anything, resume development is both a science and an art. By using essential keywords pulled from the job description matched with the psychology behind an attractive resume, we can ensure have the best chance at getting an interview.


Design Efficiency

Proper key terms and formatting is one thing, but having an eye-popping resume design is an easy way for recruiters to take a second look. By using a unique-to-you design, you can expect to be on the top of the pile.